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Yanina Boldyreva, Alexander Isaenko

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Russian photographer Yanina Boldyreva (1986) and Ukrainian photographer Alexander Isaenko(1976) have joined forces to create a photo series that shines light on ‘The Rupture Zone,’ a place of military conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The photographic duo focuses on the effect and disintegration that war has on the human psyche and society. The commotion of death does not only appear in war, it is an everyday occurrence. However war brings these events to the surface and makes it more noticeable. War is the creator and magnifier of conflict, aggression and its consequences.

Instead of capturing this concept with documentary images, Boldyreva and Isaenko have chosen a different approach. By listening to their own artistic language, they have created images with the use of graphic material, scans and the re-creation of photos. These visuals reflect of the effects of war, the fragility of existence, the intangibility of the individual, the simulative face of reality and the ductility of the human psyche. Through the series, the photographers build a bridge between archetypical images and the personal experience of war.