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Klaartje Lambrechts

The renderings of human emotions, often woven into graphic perspectives are the hallmarks of Belgian photographer Klaartje Lambrechts’s (b.1976) work. The series Rewound is based on a quote from Russian novelist Dostoyevsky: “The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness.” We see young girls and grown women with subtle indications towards harm, disturbance and loss.

“Although lovingly carved, the images recall moments when life jolted and faltered,” Lambrechts states. “Revealed memories raise discomforting questions: are we the balance of our injuries and successes? Or, more intimately: am I my injuries?”

The series evoke a pureness and vulnerability, but is concealed with cynicism. The girls are simply styled in pure white clothes – they’re regular, but at the same time they’re not. Splashes of blood, bruises, a plaster cast and various blindfolds decorate her subjects. They are simultaneously pleasant and uncomfortable to watch, leaving behind a feeling of despair, just like any horror movie.