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Rein Janssen

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Quite literally exploding with colour, Dutch-born Rein Janssen’s (b. 1983) portfolio is a macrocosmic examination of natural and man-made objects. Fascinated by colour and the many natural ways one can manipulate physical objects, Janssen freezes, burns, crystallizes and explodes everyday items, examining his chosen specimens up close with a macro lens after he has altered the appearance of it.

Otherworldly in appearance, it’s difficult to understand what you are looking at upon first glance – it’s almost hard to believe Janssen’s photographs aren’t digitally manipulated. However, despite the confusing subject matter, there is a satisfying simplicity about the presentation of his images – a certain poetry in taking these objects out of context, altering them, freezing that exact moment of change and then presenting the change as the art.

“Understanding the influence of light is extremely important; therefore my photo sets are rather technical”, Janssen explains which, despite sounding like a bit of an understatement, reaffirms our suspicion that the extra-terrestrial landscapes he presents are created in a highly mechanical and controlled set up.