Prodigal Son



Vladimir Kolmakov

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Vladimir Kolmakov

Prodigal Son is the highly autobiographical title of a series by Vladimir Kolmakov (b. 1986) documentary photographer from St.Petersburg, Russia.

After his parents’ early divorce, Kolmakov grew up with his mother and brother spending his teenage years in the small town of Kurgan in the Urals. Pained by his family and oppressed by his hometown he escaped to the thrilling city of St. Petersburg. The distance helped to interrupt the relationship with his family, which became sporadic and brief. But after over ten years, Kolmakov returned home to spend time with his father, the father he had never met before.

Prodigal Son explores themes of identity, not in a melancholic or introspective way, but through the freshness of flowers, tomatoes, apples and blue skies. This work not only talks about the reunification of a father and son, but also describes the charm of a little-known and underrated territory.