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Sheung Yiu

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(PHOTO)graphy by Hong Kong-based photographer Sheung Yiu (b. 1991) is a still life series aiming to examine photography’s limits when it comes to representing reality. “When an image is printed on a sheet of paper, the paper acquires the appearance of the subject and the subject obtains the physical quality of the paper,” explains Yiu. The artist pushes then the boundaries of the photograph by treating it by its physical qualities, not only for the nature of the represented subject.

The series shows that through physical manipulation, the photograph releases the image from its two-dimensional surface, and is able to interact with the three-dimensional space. The final result is a series of surreal and humorous images in which photographs interact physically with their actual counterparts, whether chromatically or through the relations arisen from their content. (PHOTO)graphy questions the way we understand photography within its dimensional compression and the way it appropriates reality.