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Ilias Georgiadis

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Over.State is the first photographic project from Ilias Georgiadis (1990, Greece). It is a personal story of a young and lost person who is searching for freedom and love – an effort to explain the human condition of expressing intimacy, closeness and freedom.

Georgiadis describes photography as the missing dot that connects what is deep inside us with the world, something we cannot understand nor describe. Something that is unpredictable, mysterious and goes beyond our cognitive capabilities. He does so by showing a series of intimate photographic works that our made within his own close environment.

The series is filled with dark photographs that are contrasted by sharp white creatures that are reminiscent of ghosts. His distinctive use of black and white photography portrays lovers, cityscapes and unidentifiable objects, inviting the viewer to dig deeper and to seek that connection with the inner self. It is vulnerable and raw – but at it’s pure essence it is about and it portrays a search for love.

The book Over.State is available at BLOWUPPRESS. Ilias Georgiadis was featured in the first issue of FRESHEYES.