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Jon Cazenave

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In his series, Numen, Spanish photographer Jon Cazenave (b. 1978) photographs the land, animals, and people in Spain to create an eerie narrative journey that explores the roots of humanity back into nature. As the photographer himself puts it, “the animals speak an inaudible language, confirming truths we barely know how to live with.”

Cazenave’s black and white photographs are a conceptual mix ranging from shots of a man with a fox pelt on his head to landscape images of the sun poking through the clouds. His play with light and shadows draws our attention to the intricacies of all natural elements. Numen invites us to imagine we are deep in the woods – in close contact with the barren trees, snow covered grass and humans who inhabit the space. Cazenave’s photographs bring these beings and natural elements into close contact, allowing us to almost hear the branches crack and the wind blow.