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Kourtney Roy

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Growing up in the wilderness of Northern Ontario with a family of lumberjacks, where she would spend her time taming wolves and shooting rifles, Kourtney Roy (b. 1981) is fairly unaccustomed to social norms. Her latest project indicates this with a visual feast that transcends photographic genre boundaries.

Gleaming with film-like precision, Northern Noir by Kourtney Roy has a distinct look of a get-away about it, or at least some sort of criminal act. Injecting bland, middle of nowhere looking places with hyper-real glamour, she brings a high-end fashion look to the otherwise banal landscape.

Driven by a fascination of the “secret potential (of anywhere) to transform itself into a film set at any time”, the collection of images almost looks like a storyboard, each image another clue to the fictional story, although these clues are so faint that every viewer could interpret the story entirely differently.

She states in her foreword that “the ghost of space, haunts our imagination”, which gives us an indication that she has taken herself to these empty spaces, and given her imagination free-run, resulting in this dreamy and thought-provoking series.