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Annick Ligtermoet

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“When the nights are longer than the days, darkness clouds the senses. Time seems to go slower and the world feels isolated by a thick black haze. The lack of information puts your mind to sleep; a mental hibernation that is brutally awakened by the endless days of summer.”

What Annick Ligtermoet (b. 1983, Netherlands) is describing is also known by another name: Seasonal Affective Disorder or, appropriately, S.A.D. It is a wave of depression and melancholy that rolls over the Scandinavian population every winter, as days grow shorter and light becomes scarce. Ligtermoet’s images describe the process through the darkness creeping in at the edges of the image, people haloed by auras of black. Melancholic gazes with the moon as the only light source.

Ligtermoet, who is currently living and working in Helsinki, Finland, says: “By now, I’m more accustomed to the moon than to the sun.”

Nocturnes is currently on display at Kalleria in Helsinki, from the 20 till the 28 of February.