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M. Apparition

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American artist M. Apparition experiments with paper and processes in her series Nest (Memory), a range of images that depict memories – both warm and painful.

Apparition works with chromogenic paper, stripping down the surfaces to reveal some of the underlying colours. Each image differs due to the reaction of the corrosive chemicals to the chromogenic paper, a factor independent from the artist’s direct control. She describes that as the viewer’s vantage point changes, so does the appearance of her prints: “Whorls appear and disappear, tones (bronze, green) emerge, fields literally sparkle — this is the crystallization of the chemistry.”

Apparition invites viewers to project their own associations onto the work. It’s her intention that the variety of the prints echoes the variety of memories. Containing various sizes, shapes and colours, the circles speak to the different possible relationships: we may wish to forget some of our recollections, while others hold a special place in our lives, and some give us hope and re-ignite a spark in our lives. The variation in the series also says something more broadly about the way memories can speak to each other – we build from our past experiences and thus, grow from each one.