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The Las Vegas Strip is famous for tourists, high rollers, flashy neon signs and even flashier hotels and casinos. While the Strip made a quick recovery following the 2008 financial crisis thanks to the money forty million out-of-towners bring to it every year, an alternative reality lays parallel to it just two short miles away. Maryland Parkway could be considered the photographic negative of the Strip: instead of tourists and high-rollers you have labourers and local down-and-outers, instead of hotels, fountains, and casinos there are motels and empty lots.

Most importantly, Maryland Parkway hasn’t recovered from the financial crisis—mainly due to the low tax rate, which means that the massive amounts of money that pour into the city annually do not benefit the local community. In the series Maryland Parkway, Jack Minto shows us this less glamorous side of America—one that is just as integral as that of the Strip and Hollywood, but perhaps much more honest. Minto’s classic street portraits show the people who inhabit the Parkway, while thoughtfully chosen close-ups and landscapes complete the profile of this community that has fallen on hard times.