Silvia de Giorgi: Landscapes Pieces / Liquid Landscapes

Silvia de Giorgi: Landscapes Pieces / Liquid Landscapes


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Silvia de Giorgi

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By experimenting with alternative photographic processes as well as using drawing and on-site rock rubbings, Silvia De Giorgi (b. 1992, Italy) aims to reveal experiential knowledge of the natural environment that encompasses both its physical and social past. She is drawn to sites where the land is marked by traces of elemental forces (such as eroded coastlines) or by signs of human presence (such as rock carvings and ancient monuments scattered within the landscape). She takes photos of places she visits on walks and journeys, then uses out-of-date photographic paper and collage techniques in the darkroom to create ghostly, visionary images of these landscapes.

De Giorgi’s academic studies include an MA in visual arts from Camberwell College of Arts, London (2017) and an MA in drawing from Wimbledon College of Arts, London (2019). Liquid Landscapes is part of her wider photographic research that explores the impermanence of our natural surroundings and the fragility of our own presence in the land; the earliest signs of human existence in the landscape that are slowly washed away by time and, arguably, by our own present-day actions.

Silvia De Giorgi’s Landscapes project appears in the 2020 edition of Fresh Eyes, an initiative by GUP to promote European Photography Talent.