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Jordan Tiberio

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In her series Lacuna, American photographer Jordan Tiberio (b. 1992) reflects on the degradation of memories due to the passage of time and the influence of imagination. Focusing in particular on romantic relationships, Tiberio expresses through black and white photographs the wistfulness of sharing company for a while, before parting, and the fantasies we create afterward, as we even come to envision our former lovers with their new partners.

Tiberio creates the images, with their ghostly, disappearing figures,as double-exposures. Each image then, is not a result of willful manipulation of certain elements that exist, but of a process that overwrites and combines one event with another, a metaphor for memory itself. She explains: “These images represent both the memories we have remembered and the lacuna – an unfilled space; a gap – where our mind has forgotten what comes next.”

Lacuna was presented at Slideluck Chicago as a multimedia project.