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Ebony Finck

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Thinking about death can evoke uncertainty and fear, however, our mortality could be seen as something liberating and enlightening as well. With her photo series Juncture, Ebony Finck (1987, Australia) visualized a story about the sensitive subject of our transition between the states of life and death. Finck takes an up close look at the physicality of aging skin, in a pure, nearly sterile way. With its soft colour palette, these images hold a serene atmosphere that exists in tension with the subject at stake. Juxtaposed with these images are some black and white photos of natural elements, such as a horizon, the woods and a horse, elements which fit in the series like precious memories and fragments from the past. Drawing to mind the poetry of life and death, and the nature of our limited time on earth, Juncture is a meditation on mortality as life comes to a close.