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Maximilian Tomozei

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Electronic chips are present in many people’s everyday life and contain information that, when combined, can reveal almost every detail of the owner’s lifestyle, from earnings and expenses to opinions and identity. Maximilian Tomozei (1986, Romania) portrays chips from cell phones, bankcards and more in his series Intelity, a combination of the words ‘intelligence’ and ‘identity’. The photographer conveys the fact that through technology, human and machine symbiosis is already established and forms a part of our everyday life, using portrait photography techniques to address this contemporary relationship The images show how many different types of chips there are, almost as individual as the humans who use them, while still being completely technological. The only signs of their interaction with something organic are the scratches that adorn their surfaces from human use.

Maximilian Tomozei was one of the 38 photographers selected for the shortlist of GUP#47, our 10th anniversary issue, for which an Open Call was held.