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Martin San Diego

On January 9th every year, millions of Philippine devotees crowd the streets of Manila in order to catch a glimpse of the Black Nazarene—the life-sized image of a kneeling Jesus Christ carrying the cross—as it is transferred from Quirino Grandstand to its home, Quiapo Church. The most devoted of devotees claw their way through the human mass, pushing and pulling their way in order to reach the carriage carrying the image, climbing on top of it and each other in an effort to steal a touch or a kiss.

In his series Inside Traslacion, Martin San Diego (b. 1991) shows us this biblical struggle from the middle of the action amidst the throng of people. We see the barefoot devotees bathed dramatically in the last rays of sunlight ravaged by their efforts, the drained, weary faces at the end of the struggle telling the story of intense devotion and zealous faith.