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Katrin Koenning

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Melbourne-based photographer Katrin Koenning (Germany) created her photo series Indefinitely with an interest in people’s physical and emotional connection to place and movement through language, culture and continent. The series was shot in Australia, New Zealand and Germany over eight years. According to Koenning, migration often has a negative connotation, in a sad or melancholic way. Rather, she wanted to address the more poetic and positive understanding by focusing on migration as a generator of new narratives.

Koenning represented these narratives by capturing dreamy images of transient, fleeting moments and details, such as moving flora and fauna, perishing objects, growing organisms, combustion, changing weather conditions and shifts in time and season. These moments of in-between-ness find their way in shared experiences, because they happen in every place around the world and can be experienced and observed by people everywhere. While the images are made in places which differ a lot from each other, it is not apparent whether an image is made in Australia, New Zealand or Germany. The images are removed from any notions or nationality; they represent a kind of ethereal non-place, further emphasised by her use of overexposed flash, bringing the viewer into a kind of trance of ambiguity.