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Italian photographer Francesca Cesari (b. 1970) brings us into the intimate space of a mother lulling her child to sleep with breastmilk. Despite this gentle act being everyday and universal, it still is often considered to be private, taking place only behind closed doors. Cesari photographs the mother and child alone in their rooms, lit only by the warm glow of daylight, delivering the scenes with an intense tenderness.

Cesari’s in situ portraits bear the patience and quiet of a mother’s soothing presence. She says that she focuses on women’s dual roles as powerful and protective figures who are also sensitive and sometimes fragile. Through her images, we see the passage of life and love from mother to child – a relationship that each of us has experienced in at least one form.

In the Room speaks to the unending circle of life, and the greatness to be found in small gestures.