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Vitor Schietti

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Vitor Schietti’s (1986, Brazil) light sculptures will never be perceived as a whole by a human witness. However, in his ongoing project Impermanent Sculptures, Schietti is able to capture light sculptures by making use of his favorite photography techniques, long exposure and light painting. According to Schietti, “To paint with light in a three-dimensional space is to bring one’s thoughts from unconscious realms into existence and turn them into something intriguing, integrated with the landscape”. Using fireworks in combination with long exposure, light appears to be dripping from his subjects, which are mostly trees in a natural as well as urban environment, including the Brazilian central plateau. While some images are acquired in one single exposure, others are composed through the process of overlaying parts from two or more pictures to compose the final image. Apart from this occasional digital combination and some color and contrast adjustments, the images are the result of the performative aspect of his work.