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Odo Hans

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Surreal-looking skin landscapes arise, as though skin were appearing before our eyes for the first time. In his digital collages, German photographer Odo Hans ( b. 1976) reveals new ways of seeing, by touching organic surfaces with technical complexity. These unfamiliar patterns are thesu clash of skin mixed with forms and textures from the man-made world of objects. Hans’ series Epi asks us to question the perception of our subjective reality of skin.

Seeing these up-close human surfaces can evoke both a sense of intrigue as well as discomfort. Some images are almost unflattering due to the presence of dense pores, armoured foot callouses and bodily hair in unexpected areas. Within his multi-layered images, the viewer is left in disorder. Hans succeeds in capturing the dialogue between skin and its environment. Because, after all, while it may be what’s underneath the skin that counts, the surface is what we see.