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Adrien Blondel

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In his series, Domestic Anamnesis, French photographer Adrien Blondel (b. 1986) approaches the inside of bedrooms from a new angle. Domestic Anamnesis provides a lens through which to see how memories remain alive, in the present, rather than being thoughts that solely remind us of the past.

Blondel photographs entire rooms in both black and white and colour, shooting smoke detectors, computers, stuffed animals and Hello Kitty blankets. The contrast, both in terms of colour and subject matter, speaks to how many different things contribute to our experiences in our bedrooms and how these items are ingrained in our memory.

Blondel aims to reverse the concept of photography as a representation of something that is no longer, by presenting people’s memories of their childhood bedrooms. In the photographer’s words, the series tries to speak to “the layers present in a room, the never ending creation of memories linked to a given space and the multitudes that pass through it, and maybe the sum of all of those memories tells us about the essence of a space”.