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Marco Scozzaro

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New York based photographer and/or visual artist Marco Scozzaro (b.1979, Italy) presents a multi-layered body of work in his series Digital Deli, that includes among other things photography, sculptures and video. The series envisions Scozzaro’s interpretation of the contemporary visual landscape of the ubiquitous NYC bodegas, the small Hispanic convenience stores spread around town. In brightly coloured imagery full of patterns, shapes and symbols, Scozzaro comments on mass media and consumer culture. In his own words: “I noticed certain stereotypical patterns in the current visual vernacular and I started to play with them to better understand my ambivalent reactions towards generic imagery and pop culture in general.”

In Digital Deli, he mixes the real and the virtual of every image into various hybrid forms; he appropriates images, re-photographs and re-contextualizes graphic design patterns, and makes reference to commercial imagery. The tropical influences like palm trees, flower t-shirts and beach settings illuminate the joy and playfulness behind the banality of branding. This use of humour allows us to question the ideas and emotions that commercially produced products radiate in a more detached manner.

Marco Scozzaro’s work was included in the Lishui International Photography Festival 2017 in the group exhibition Where Does the Future Get Made?