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Geert Broertjes

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Amsterdam-based photographer Geert Broertjes (b. 1987) takes us on a journey through the night, roaming through dark streets lit up by enigma, seeking solace in short-lived romances in hallucinatory bedroom scenes.

“In 2012 my mother, grandmother and aunt passed away. I shared my feelings with my ex-girlfriend and 6 months later, we broke up,” Broertjes explains. “After losing the most important women in my life I was out of control.” During this intense, hectic period of his life, Broertjes created his series Dark Romance. His desire to escape the ‘real world’ is reflected in his harsh black and white images, transforming his experiences into a contrasted abstraction of sex and self-destruction. Alternating between mystical exteriors of snow and confrontational views of lovers, the autobiographical series uses a symbolic visual language to approach the complex emotions of loss and searching for an impossible return.