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Véronique L’Hoste

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In the boundaries set up within a home, can a person retain connection with their environment?

Cycle, a project from French photographer Véronique L’Hoste, contemplates this disconnect. Through the series, we follow a pensive form in a white sheet, appreciating the world in front of it. What is then perhaps strange is not the obscure white shape, but an idea that an otherworldly being can have wonder for a planet that is ignored and abused by the people that actually inhabit it.

L’Hoste shows us an idealized world, where nature is placed at the centre, plants and mud sprawled within pristine interiors. The image being peculiar and foreign confronts the viewer with the gap that exists in incorporating nature organically into modern life.The artist metaphorically symbolizes the cycle of life, death and rebirth, using a white sheet in this interior environment as both the birth as well as the end point of life.

Cycle is a commentary on our inability to connect with our surroundings during our fast-paced lives, ironically only being able to immerse ourselves into the natural world at the end of our mortal lives.