Marta Blue

Artist Website

“I feel a strange sense of melancholy when I look at my photographs. As if they represent moments that I did not necessarily experience, distant moments, which generate contrasting emotions, oscillating between my present and my past.” Marta Blue (b. 1985, Italy) specialises in self-portraiture, she studies the body and how it interacts with the environment as a continuous search on herself.

Being influenced by cinema, her work is a hyper-realistic and conceptual take on staged photography. She curates the staging of a photograph so that every tiny detail evokes a certain emotion. A deer talk walking into a cloud of nothingness makes us think about the uncertainties of life while the portraits give us a certain feeling of tranquility and reassurance.

Marta Blue proves to be a varied photographer in this portfolio by showing a wide range of photographs. We find ourselves looking at faces that look like a starry sky, intimate portraits and a hand in a glass of milk. Her photographs carry both a vintage as well as a futuristic feel with them. It is impossible to pin the series down to a single theme, as the photographs all carry their own story within each image.

The work of Marta Blue is included in the first edition of FRESH EYES: a catalogue initiated by GUP featuring 100 of the most talented European photographers currently in the first stage of their career.