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Marco Argüello

Life is short, and the world is immense. Most of us have at some point experienced moments of depression, combined with a desire to just leave everything behind, only to remain trapped by the routine of daily life. Marco Argüello (b. 1985) did manage to leave, and he created Chroma, a brilliant and colourful series that documents a long sabbatical he took in 2016, capturing the clichés and trends of what it means to go on vacation today.

Starting with a round trip by car from Miami to California, he then flew to Spain, Morocco, Vienna, Budapest, Slovakia, Greece, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hawaii, Thailand, Myanmar, New Zealand, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and finished in Paraguay, where his family is from. He spent at least 2 weeks in each place. It was just him and his Contax T2 on 35mm film, which he developed on the road, far away from Instagram filters.

Focusing on the people and their habits more than on the places, Marco put together photos taken in geographically distant places, giving life to one big holiday village made of textures and motifs. Hawaiian shirts, selfie sticks, hotel interiors, shops: everything is the same wherever you are, and everything fits together.

Chroma tells the genuineness of the state of relaxation that is “going on vacation”. If you are still stuck in the office, and you are counting down the days until your holiday, take a moment to relax and travel through his photos.