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Brett Henrikson

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Providence-based photographer Brett Henrikson uses the physicality of the photographic object in an unconventional way, combining the craft and alchemy of darkroom processes with collage techniques. Rather than providing the viewer a realistic window into our world, Henrikson’s images are broken windows; silver shards created through destruction.

As in pictorial imagery, the visibility of his process is itself part of the image: he creates new compositions through the combination of photographic works, allowing the geometric shapes of the cut-outs to become part of the expression. Inspired by classical painting and sculpture, Henrikson desires an engagement with the surreal and deceptive aspects of an image. He strives to draw the viewer to one small aspect, such as hands, an expression, a gaze or a pose, in an abstract way. According to Henrikson, “Chaotic Forms echoes a dialogue with dark dreams from a long forgotten past”. Chaotic Forms shows the viewer mirrors, smoke, intimate body parts and dark beauty.