Santolo Felaco

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Santolo Felaco (b. 1984, Italy) is a photographer who loves his own country. His latest series, which also became a book, Caput Mundi, is telling a story of the Eternal City of Rome. Every photograph of the project breathes rebellion against the rules of the spiritual and political power that is spread all over the town. By means of dark and uncanny compositions spiced with a bright flash, Felaco doesn’t only break the rules of photography, but also highlights the current state of affairs of the Italian capital. For quite a while now the city has been going through a complex historical period that resulted in broken dreams, misrule and corruption. The population is aging, young people suffer difficulties to find their roles in the society, the salary is low and the debts are high. By juxtaposing bodies and landscapes that are swarming with symbols, the photographer finds the perfect way of communicating his personal search for solutions, apart from disclosing his country’s destiny.