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Alessia Gammarota

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Italian photographer Alessia Gammarota (b. 1976) illustrates the bigger picture of the housing market of London: the city faces a shortage of affordable homes while increasing numbers of properties in wealthy neighbourhoods are left empty. London, the city of business, is squeezing every square centimetre into money-making property, rather then decent places to live. Her series, Brutal London, discloses the many faces of this crisis and addresses the fundamental human right to housing, ensuring access to a safe and habitable home.

Gammarota captures striking situations embodying the faded glory of a rich society. It’s the contrast between ideals and reality that catches the eye, as we see a wide variety of homeless people, squatters, citizens, tourists, activists and police rushing around town. You can see the fight for survival as the former empire is gone. Brutal London seems not only a representation of the housing problem, but also a quest to find unity, balance and harmony in the ordinary lives of people, who each seek to feel at home.