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Yuki Morita

Here I am still on the road. Wandering through layers of tangled moments. Sometimes circulating or irreversibly moving forward, I let my body flow and capture the truth.” – Yuki MoritaWhen Yuki Morita (1989, Japan) was 19, he hitchhiked his way through forests and mountains on his own. Sleeping outdoors or in the rooms of strangers and churches, he noticed that when he was out on the road, he lost all sense of time – and the memories of his past and present started to become blurred. In his experimental work Blank, Morita combines and overlays black and white photographs of paths, mountains and forests to visualise what he felt when he traveling.

With an unsharp focus and dreamy aesthetic, Morita creates a new kind of time-lapse that he describes as ‘unexpected enchantments’. Starting from a distance with clouds rolling over mountain tops, the images slowly move deeper and deeper into the forest – ultimately resulting in an almost unrecognisable blur of trees and leaves. Each layer in his photographs represents, for him, the myriad of simultaneous layers that are the flow and dissolution of time.

Blank was showcased at the first edition of Slideluck Tokyo on April 1, 2016 at Galaxy Gingakei.