Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Artist Website

“There is a place that suffocates you when you walk past it, one that has this eerie feeling lingering in the air…” – starts Ekaterina Vasilyeva (b. 1977, Russia). Her ongoing project Bermuda Triangle is inspired by the region in the Caribbean famous for its disappeared ships and airplanes. Fortuitously, Vasilyeva didn’t have to cross the Atlantic to develop her photographic series. The images of broken mirrors, abandoned terrains and empty roads that transmit the ‘someone is walking on your grave’ feeling, were taken by the photographer in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia. In order to tell a story of the two cursed neigbourhoods that form the shape of a triangle when seen from above, Vasilyeva interlaced her photographs with vernacular material found at an abandoned factory in the region. Hence, portraits of workers, old postcards and handwritten notes, recreate the forgotten legend and accentuate the disappearing borders between fiction and reality.