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Natan Dvir

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With technological innovation and global communication, our world changes faster than we can fully process – and yet, religious beliefs continue to hold firm value for individuals and societies, irrespective of culture or the specifics of particular religions. While it’s increasingly common to argue for the scientific improbability or absurdity of gods, and many educated people claim that religion is obsolete, a tendency towards belief seems in many ways to be hard-wired into the human experience.

Israeli photographer Natan Dvir (1972) explains of his series that, having grown up in Israel, he was regularly exposed to people with strong religious, social and political ideas from an early age. These beliefs can be the source of great love and community, a means of accessing transcendence, or they can be the source of great hatred and destruction. In looking towards belief as it is now, Dvir taps into our way of living with each other and with ideas that we cannot directly see—parts of humanity that evolve so slowly, we can hardly see time passing at all.