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Inês Marinho

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As the base for her project, Portugese photographer Inês Marinho (b. 1990) references author Milan Kundera’s breakdown of the word nostalgia, where the Greek word “nostos” translates to “the return” and “algos” means “suffering”. The word nostalgia, he says, is therefore the suffering caused by the unsatisfied desire to return.

When Marinho was presented with her late grandfather’s journal by her grandmother, she ended up connecting with him, a cod fishing ship captain, through the texts he wrote about the sea, journal entries introspecting on his life and photographs he’d taken while on his long travels. After being away from her hometown for years, Marinho gives in to her feelings of nostalgia, returning home to discover her grandfather through his camera, as she joins local fishermen on some fishing nights.

At the Sea gives us a glimpse of a time gone by. Combining pictures taken by her grandfather along with her own grainy, delicate images, the artist takes us on this intimate, sentimental journey to connect with a man she never met and to rediscover the town she grew up in through his eyes.