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Linda Zhengová


Andrejs Strokins

Artist Website

In his project ‘Cosmic Sadness’ Andrejs Strokins (b. 1984, Latvia) offers novel perspectives on street photography by capturing his surroundings with a phone while using blue, desaturated and grainy filters – aimed to evoke the ‘blues’ as experienced in the current ‘digital’ generation, a common sensed feeling which lingers somewhere between nostalgia and melancholia.

Although the title assumes otherwise, there is also a sense of irony and subtle humour sipping through in ‘Cosmic Sadness’, if only reflecting the confusing era we currently live in. Strokins’ photographs mainly function as a visual diary investigating the public and private boundaries. The images were initially published on Instagram in real time but will be on show during the occasion of Riga Photography Biennial 2020 in the ISSP Gallery this summer, curated by Evita Goze.