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Jacqueline Harriet

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Inspired by her experiences shooting backstage at New York fashion week during shows like Thom Browne, in which models adopt completely new personas using a mix of hair, make up and clothing, Jacqueline Harriet (b.1993, USA) started photographing the actress and celebrity impersonator Michele as she transforms into the 13 dramatic ‘divas’ in her repertoire. Harriet explains: “Michele is a one woman show who completely transforms herself for the character and dedicates her life to her art”.

In Almost Famous, Harriet captures the glamour queen from an intimate distance, as she straightens wigs, paints her face, and applies glitter. With complete devotion and absolute precision, Michele makes all characters just as glamorous and submerged in colour, if one not more than the other, aiming to express all different versions of her extravagant self.