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Vincent Laforet

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“I’ve been flying since I can remember. Every time I would look out the window I would see these incredible little stories outside. The little police cars and stadiums, I always wanted to capture that somehow”. LA-based director and photographer Vincent Laforet (1975) fulfilled the dreams of his youth and captured, 27 years later, nighttime aerial photos of some of the most iconic cities around the world.

For his project AIR, he flew in a helicopter over London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. In the photographs shown, he shot the city nightlife of Los Angeles from 10km and New York City from 75km. While flying at this height, Laforet discovered something special: “Aerials are surprisingly intimate, they make the world feel smaller.” The cities, as defined by the lights shining on streets and in buildings, are transformed into interconnected circuit boards or complex organisms. As borders are literally no longer relevant, Laforet aims to show that “the world is much smaller than we think” and “that we are more connected to each other than we may realize”.