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Felipe Abreu

Folie à Deux is a photographic narrative of a fictional crime that Brazilian photographer Felipe Abreu (b. 1989) created using contemporary imagery, archive imagery and snippets of text. The series displays a visual labyrinth of clues that leave it to the viewer to stand as a researcher on the crimes committed and to draw his or her own conclusions about the mysterious events. The title, Folie à Deux (French for ‘madness of two’), refers to a shared psychosis, in which one person’s delusions or hallucinations are transmitted to another. In this way, Abreu aims to share his ‘delusion’ with the viewer, drawing audiences into his unanswerable question of reality.

The assemblage of alternating images of events, places and details creates the incentive to piece together the truth, with the result that the viewer begins to question each image to determine to what extent it is ‘real’. By involving the viewer in this on-going game between reality and fiction, the series tries to explore the photographic limits in building a fiction, and experiments with methods in photographic narrative.