#ReunionCalling: PhEST2021

#ReunionCalling: PhEST2021



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March 31, 2021



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#ReunionCalling: PhEST2021 social call telling stories of future reunions in times of Covid19.

Up for grabs an exhibition at PhEST2021, a publication on PHmuseum News, vouchers for Leica Akademie Italy workshops and rental equipment offered by Camera Service Group.


PhEST – International festival of photography and arts in Monopoli, has decided to try and virtually reunite ourselves, in order to keep us together. With a social photo call collecting images where, through digital post-production or via a traditional collage, we try to meet up with our loved ones, whom we missed so much during 2020.

With no limits of language, allowing all disparate techniques, the project invites participants to produce and post an image of reunion with our loved ones, be them family components, our partner, a dear friend, high school mates, or the old cat living with our old parents. The image of the reunion and a shot text telling the story of the separation will be posted on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ReunionCalling. Image and text will become a modern postcard traveling the web, able to soothe the time of wait and to get a smile out of anyone bumping into that message. A message that, during this pandemic, becomes universally shared.


A jury made up of PhEST artistic direction, Leica Akademie Italy, FIAF and PHmuseum will select the best works among those submitted by March 31st, 2021, and will assign the numerous prizes:

– four vouchers of the value of  €290/each  for the prestigious Leica Akademie workshops, valid for one year;

– one voucher of the value of  €1.000 in rental equipment offered by Camera Service Group, to be used to produce a personal project at the end of the pandemic or, even better, to tell the story of the reunion;

– a publication on PHmuseum News website and on their social channels;

– a selection of the submitted works will become an official exhibition at the 6th edition of PhEST – international festival of photography and arts in Monopoli.

The submitted works will eventually be re-posted on PhEST social channels during the open call.

#ReunionCalling is made in collaboration with Leica Akademie Italy, PHmuseum, FIAF and Camera Service Group.

How to participate

In order to participate in the Contest it will be necessary:

– create a photographic collage (hereinafter also “image”) both through the traditional collage technique and those of digital production that represents a reunion between people in a specific place or environment;

– share the photo collage produced on your Instagram or Facebook profile by using the tag @phest and the hashtags #PhEST2021 and #ReunionCalling in the image comment;

– insert a short text (max 2200 characters) in the image comment that tells the story of separation or reunion;

– follow the Instagram profile @phest in case of participation through Instagram or put “like” on the Facebook page of PhEST in case of participation through Facebook;

– that the participant’s Instagram account or Facebook account is public;

– that the photo does not contain other trademarks, under penalty of exclusion from the Contest.


For more info, visit PhEST’s website.