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September 1, 2021


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The Andy Rocchelli Grant is an international award promoted by CESURA in the name of its co-founder Andy Rocchelli, a photojournalist killed in Ukraine in 2014.  The aim is to identify the best unpublished photographic dummy and award the winner with the production and publication of the book by Cesura Publish.

Applications are accepted by artists and photographers of any age and nationality, including collectives. Applications will be made by sending a dummy accompanied by the required documents. It is preferable to send a physical dummy, but dummies in pdf format are also accepted.

The dummy must be sent to CESURA, Via Del Campo Sportivo 6, Pianello Val Tidone, 29010 (PC), Italy, and must be received no later than September 1st, 2021. All submissions must be unpublished, meaning not published in book form, until the announcement of the finalists.

David Campany curator, writer, and managing director of Programs at the International Center of Photography, New York
Tamara Corm senior director at Pace gallery, London
Arianna Arcara cofounder of CESURA, photographer and co-art director at Cesura Publish
Lucia Rocchelli honorary jury member, architect
Alex Majoli president of the jury, photographer, Magnum Photos member, cofounder of CESURA, and co-art director at Cesura Publish

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