Riga Photomonth 2021

Photo: Ania Ready

Riga Photomonth 2021





May 24 - July 4, 2021


Online / outdoor spaces in Riga, Latvia

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This year, Riga photomonth will start on May 24 and run until July 4. Due to the epidemiological constraints that make it difficult to plan the festival, the events will mainly take place outdoors and on the Internet. The festival will occupy streets, shop windows, billboards and other places in the public space, as well as offer performances, lectures, and conversations on the Internet.

The exhibitions and events of the festival will be created by artists – Miķelis Mūrnieks, Ance Vilnīte, Pēteris Ķimsis, Maria Rukina, Iveta Gabaliņa, Elvīra Blumfelde, Katrīna Ģelze, Aivars Liepiņš (all Latvia), Ania Ready (UK/Poland), Anna Niskanen (Finland), Bram van Dijk (France/Netherlands), Christy Grishina (Russia), Jana Garvanlieva (Italy/North Macedonia), Kertu Rannula (Estonia), Leticia Zica (France/Brazil), Sergei Stroitelev (Russia), Sue Polschikova (Portugal/Russia) and others.

The full program will be announced at the end of April on their website.