May 15 - June 15 2020


Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam

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The exhibition ‘Heroes’ is the next collaboration between Roy Kahmann/Kahmann Gallery and Howard Greenberg Gallery New York. A selection will be presented from the Greenberg collection enriched with special and famous photographs from the Kahmann collection. Great works will be on show and include notable artists such as Dennis Stock, William Klein, Arnold Newman, Louis Faurer, Ray Metzker, Bruce Davidson, Arthur Leipzig, Marvin Newman, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Joel Meyerowitz. Additionally, outstanding names from the Dutch photography history like Gerard Fieret, Ed van der Elsken, Sanne Sannes and Ata Kandó will be present.

Greenberg is one of the world’s foremost photography dealers. He is a central figure in 20th century photography and has been an acknowledged leader on the fine art market. It comes as no surprise that American Photo magazine proclaimed Greenberg as one of the 25 most important people in photography. Employing his keen eye for artistic value and a unique historical perspective, Greenberg has built a reputation for rediscovering significant photographers from the past and establishing a market for their work. He represents and exhibits photographs by many of the acknowledged masters.

Kahmann, on the other hand, is not only an entrepreneur and graphic designer but primarily an art collector. The city guide of Amsterdam, published by Louis Vuitton, described Kahmann as “one of Amsterdam’s strongest advocates of photography”. Together with Lindy Kahmann, they own nearly 10,000 original photographic works. Their NUDE collection has been previously shown in art spaces in Hilversum and Rotterdam. Kahmann’s professional experience collecting and running his Amsterdam gallery for many years makes him a strong counterpart to Greenberg. Accordingly, the combination of Greenberg and Kahmann brings together a historical collection that should not be missed.

More info about the exhibition here.