Cortona On the Move

Alessandra Sanguinetti | Magnum Photos

Cortona On the Move





July 15-October 3, 2021


Cortona, Italy

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The 11th edition of Cortona On the Move, the international visual narrative festival that takes place in the historic centre of the Tuscan town and at the Fortress of Girifalco, will happen from July 15 to October 3 this year. The theme of 2021, We Are Humans, focuses on humans and their relationships. “We are all protagonists of this edition, humans come back to the forefront in their everyday life, with their relationships, affections, and shared experiences. It is a tribute to the ordinary and the extraordinary in the human condition” explains Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director of the festival.

The protagonists of this eleventh edition include Paolo Pellegrin, Italian photographer of the Magnum Photos agency, who will produce a photographic project on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the relationships between people. L’Altro (The Other), the title of Pellegrin’s exhibition, is a project that captures everyday life in an atypical historical period marked by social distancing. Wrinkled foreheads, mouths hidden behind masks, and faces in black and white emerge from the darkness, to tell the weakening of interpersonal relationships and the fear of the other fellow humans. Pellegrin’s exhibition visually explains how faces become the instrument with which individuals are revealed, both to others and to themselves.

The 2021 edition will host, among others, the exhibition I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating by Alec Soth. A poetic exploration that goes beyond the shot and represents a new approach of the photographer to the subjects portrayed, an attempt to look beyond people and glimpse their inner life. Alessandra Sanguinetti, whose work An Everlasting Summer – The Adventures of Guille and Belinda addresses the themes of friendship, relationships, and the passing of time, will also exhibit during this edition.

Cortona On The Move 2021 resumes its traditional exhibition and event format. Enthusiasts, photographers, and professionals in the field of contemporary photography will return in person and, once again, make Cortona a center for meeting and discussion.