Photography by Severn

Photography by Severn


GUP Author

Lee Jones



Severn, a photographer from British Columbia, takes brilliant photos of the world around her. Her photography focuses on the details of life which we all take for granted. When asked about the subject matter of her photography she states “I figured I’d just photograph what I saw around me, because that’s what I know. As far as importance goes, I’ve always favoured the real to the surreal. Reality is appealing to me.”

Of all her photographs her favourite is of the barren willow tree featured above. It was her favourite photograph because of how it “wowed” her. “I wasn’t aware I could take a photo of such magnitude. The composition, the colours, the tones, the light. I think it’s perfect. And funnily enough, I captured this in a dreadful, cookie-cutter suburban neighbourhood. Looking at this photo, if I hadn’t taken it, I don’t think I would have ever thought of such a thing. It’s so strange.”

With an adoration for candid shots, she claims that they are so difficult to take because of the size of her large Pentax K1000 which happens to be her favourite camera. “My K1000 is around 30 years old and is still built like a rock and takes superb photos. It’s fully manual so you really have to work for each shot. Setting the focus, aperture, and shutter speed. Whey you finally see the photos you took, each is a little more special because of this. It’s my first film SLR, so I think it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’ve nicknamed it Penny.”

With a love for the original, Severn creates beautiful photographs with true skill in a world surrounded by digital photography. Usually one thinks they need a faster or better technology to take awe-inspiring shots but Severn demonstrates that skill can come from reusing the old to discover the new.