PHmuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize: GUP Selection

PHmuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize: GUP Selection


GUP Author

Erik Vroons


PHmuseum is a curated platform dedicated to contemporary photography. Its focus – to find innovative ways to display photography, engage, educate, and connect – is very much in line with ours and so we, the GUP editorial team, have joined forces with PHmuseum to shortlist 10 entries for their 2021 edition of the Mobile Photography  Prize.

The PHmuseum open call for this prize is meant to be inclusive and stimulate a reflection on how mobile photography is influencing the medium and becoming part of our everyday life.

Who still remembers the days of having to wait until rolls of film are developed into negatives and then printed to photographs? Today, with cameras being incorporated in our smartphone devices, all that catches our eyes can be captured and shared instantly. The vast improvements made to mobile phone camera technology and the immediate feedback culture that social apps like Instagram propagate makes for extra encouragement, for pros and amateurs alike.

What does it mean “to be present” in a digital world base on representation? With this question in mind, PHmuseum invited basically everyone to reflect on aspects of identity and (self)representation. The GUP editorial team had access to all the ‘Finalists’ and although there was plenty more to highlight, we here present ten individual images from as many people who all show a clear talent for the wide range of approaches that the cameras our smartphones allow for.

In order of appearance, we congratulate:

Forough Alaei, Arianna Angelini, Simone Bramante, Natalia Davtyan, Antonina Konopelska, Maria Mavropoulou, Monica Ornelas, Alejo Reinoso, Ewan Schneider, and Prarthna Singh*

*Prarthna Singh’s entry is also selected by the jury as PHmuseum’s Mobile Photo of the Year.


Visit their website to see all the results of the PHmuseum 2021 Mobile Photo Prize.