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Since 2001, the renowned Officine Fotografiche together with VII Photo Agency have been bringing public attention to contemporary photographers in the field of documentary. This year, as a result of their fruitful partnership “VII Tutor Program” was born: the workshop focused on discovering new talents that are eager to improve their visual narrative and become better photojournalists.

The VII Tutor Program is now open for submissions from all aspiring photojournalists. Deadline: March 3, 2019.

The two-year programme, that takes place at Officine Fotografiche in Milan, consists of five parts and is taught by five different photographers from VII Photo Agency. At each class, there is a possibility to be engaged in the analysis of the images that are strongly related to human rights and to reflect on the ethics of documentary photography and of geopolitics in today’s world. All the workshops are divided into two sessions of four days each. Thus, all the participants have a four month break in between, which gives enough time to create a strong graduation project.

The upcoming workshop will be held by Italian photographer and four-time winner of the World Press Photo award, Stefano De Luigi (b.1964, Germany). The questions addressed by the tutor in each lecture will be: How to structure your project? How to make a final selection of your images? How to proceed with post-production? And most importantly, what distinguishes a reporter from a photojournalist? Apart from the essential socio-economic discussions that shape an individual approach to the field of reportage, the students will learn how to transform their view of the event into a visual narrative. The most exciting thing is that every member will gain an accurate and deep understanding of showcasing their work in a multimedia platform, a book or an exhibition.