Jacob Felländer- I want to live close to you

Jacob Felländer- I want to live close to you


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In I want to Live Close to You, Jacob Felländer (1974, Sweden) took on an ambitious project: to capture a global view of metropolitan life in one single image. The whole world on a single, multi-exposed negative! He travelled to eight cities in the space of twelve days, flying from Stockholm to New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bombay, Dubai, to finally end his journey in Paris. To create the resulting chaotic layers of cityscapes he adopted analog film and a modified camera to expose his film centimeter by centimeter.

The results are ghostly images of overlapping skyscrapers, sky lines and streetlights, all blurred together into a panoramic view of multiple cities. There is an urgency to their aesthetic, a hurried greed to cram everything into a single negative. Yet the images are an ode rather than a criticism of urban landscapes and their accompanying societies.

The photographed constructions are all a result of a human gravitation towards urbanisation. Felländer raises the curious question, why do we choose to live so close to each other?