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A Google image search of ‘4K Ultra HD’ results in an endless array of the most colourful and detailed photos of animal close-ups and epic landscapes, waiting to be saved as your desktop background. In one way or another, they are all clichés. A sunset almost always contains the sea, a dolphin or a palm tree. These idyllic images are rooted in our minds – we no longer have to visit a tourist destination to know what it looks like.

By photographing their own twisted versions of the most popular 4K Ultra HD pictures, the Swedish artist duo Inka and Niclas (b. 1985 | 1984) explores how we’re influenced by this constant stream of landscape imagery. They confront us with the notion that we all like the same photographs, and we all take the same photographs ourselves.

Inka and Niclas 4K Ultra HD is on show at the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Berlin until June 23, 2018.